Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Officer and Employee of the Month April 2015


Detective Travis Maus has been a member of the District Two DLIS since September 2012 and is currently assigned as the Cycle ‘A’ adverse detective.  In this capacity, he has played a major role in many significant arrests.  His investigative skills and attention to detail have greatly enhanced the crime fight in District Two, by allowing cases to be quickly closed by arrest.

Detective Maus had a major role in a pattern of eight violent armed robberies, mainly targeting females who were alone and walking to their residences.  He worked with District Two ROC and DLIS to identify known offenders in the area and generated a map with the offense locations and the suspect’s direction of travel.  When the suspect was apprehended by ROC officers, Detective Maus was able to establish a rapport with him and gain crucial confessions to all of the robberies, ending this robbery pattern.

During an investigation of the armed robbery of a taxi driver, a suspect was identified.  Using his interviewing skills, Detective Maus was able to establish a rapport with the suspect and gain a confession.  The confession served as essential evidence in this case.

During the investigation of an armed burglary, where numerous firearms were removed from a residence in the Sulphur Springs area, Detective Maus was able to view video surveillance footage.  He recognized the suspect as a known offender with a lengthy criminal history.  He created a bulletin that was used to confirm the identity of the suspect by a third party.  A warrant was obtained and the suspect was taken into custody and provided a confession.

These are just a few examples of Detective Maus’ outstanding performance during March 2015.  He always makes himself available to patrol and ROC officers when they need his assistance or expertise in conducting investigations.  He spends much of his time on the street, interacting with officers and citizens to gain valuable intelligence into emerging crime patterns.

In recognition of his exemplary performance and dedication to the department and the citizens of Tampa, Detective Travis Maus has been selected as the Officer of the Month for April 2015.


Elsie Honrada-Stacy has been employed by the Tampa Police Department as an Evidence Technician since August 2, 2004.  She is very well versed in her role and is constantly looking for ways to improve the Evidence Section.

Over the past year, the section has been struggling with space and, due to time constraints, found it difficult to consolidate property to make room for new property.  Elsie recognized the need and took the steps to correct it on her own.  An inventory of electronic media, consisting of 7,065 pieces of evidence, was being done.  She volunteered to take on the huge task of completing the inventory, researching discrepancies, and locating every piece of evidence.  She went a step further to consolidate the area, as she conducted the inventory.

Elsie also took exception to the fact that the Evidence Section had run out of room in the gun vault and had to resort to storing firearms in another locked room.  The main gun vault has rolling shelves for easy access.  The new room had different types of storage, causing firearms to be stacked one on top of the other.  Long firearms were falling over in the room due to inadequate storage locations.  Sometimes heavy firearms were stored in boxes on top shelves.  Since this is the overflow area, the firearms most recently received were placed in this area.  These firearms needed to be accessed more but were harder to get to.  She recognized this problem and volunteered to re-organize the area.  Single handedly, she pulled all of the newer firearms out of the overflow room.  She then started with the oldest gun and pulled them from the vault, placing them into the new room.  She did this until the new room was filled.  This consisted of all handguns from 1975 through late 2011.  She had some floor space so she moved long firearms from 1975 through 2007, keeping them in place with a bungee cord in an upright position.  Once this was completed, she consolidated the remaining firearms in the vault in order to keep them sequential.  The newer firearms were then moved into the vault.  She scanned the items as they were moved, keeping the records of their location current.  This task was not only physically labor intensive, but took concentration and organization at the same time.

In recognition of her hard work and dedication, making the Evidence Section more efficient, Elsie Honrada-Stacy has been selected as the Employee of the Month for April 2015.

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