Thursday, February 26, 2015

Employee of the Month February 2015

Police Data Terminal Operator Linda Shiflett has been employed by the Tampa Police Department, Records Section, for 24 years.  During her tenure, Linda’s supervisors and co-workers have looked upon her as a lead worker with a vast knowledge of records procedures and operations.  She is always seeking to learn new procedures and the uses of the Versadex Records Management System.

Because of her trustworthiness and attention to detail, Linda’s supervisor asked her to help in the Criminal Investigations Division, Strategic Investigations Bureau.  She accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and took on a project that others would avoid.

Linda was assigned the task of digitizing over 3,000 informant records that had been kept in an antiquated system for many years.  The new procedure will make the information more secure, yet easier for the users to retrieve.  Because of the sensitivity of the information, it was important to limit the number of people to have access.  Therefore, Linda was expected to perform the data entry on her own.  She had to learn a new module in Versadex to accomplish the transition and picked up the new procedure with ease.

Linda continues to come in to the Records Bureau to work her regular duties the first two hours of the day to help her co-workers stay up to date.  She then moves to another area of the building and works the rest of the day doing the complicated and labor-intensive data entry.  She has worked her dual duties for over a month and has made great strides in getting all of the data caught up.

In recognition of her outstanding work and dedication to duty, which will have a positive impact on the department for many years to come, Linda Shiflett has been selected as the Employee of the Month for February 2015.

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