Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tampa's not so smart criminals Part 3-

Imagine this….you’re sitting in your car in the darkness of the night….in front of your home.  Maybe you are talking on the phone, maybe playing candy crush or maybe just collecting your thoughts after a hard day at work.  Whatever the case, you see a suspicious man walking from car to car checking door handles.  Now, maybe on the first car you think, “This fella must have forgot his keys,” but after a few more vehicles you start to realize that something is just not right here.

Just when you are trying to figure out what exactly is going on, the man approaches your door and tries to open it with you inside! Secretly, you probably get a little scared, but as you realize your doors are locked and you have dark window tint, your inner Superman springs into action.  At least it does in your mind.  The man has no idea that you are sitting in your car.  So what to do……?  Call 911 of course.  As officers arrive on scene, you leap out in a single bound and point to the car burglar. I mean after all, he was only a few feet away from you. Police arrest Tampa's newest member of the “not so smart criminals” club and charge him with the seven counts of attempted auto burglary and attempted burglary of an occupied vehicle. Of course the suspect couldn't be a member of this elite club without his prior history. Yep, you guessed it! The suspect was on probation for vehicle burglary and burglary of a residence. MORAL of the story- ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DOORS even if you are just sitting inside playing candy crush!!

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